Paid A Cent, Came Out A Dollar

A pretty usual Tuesday of the week, I went about my schedule and headed to work. Driving to work, I was a tad bit disappointed that my Maggi came out a little dry. I don’t blame my traditional Indian gastronomy, as much as I blame my malfunctioning geyser. I wiped it nonetheless.

Parked my car to Amaze, I climbed up to our plush new office, scanned my mails and went through Slack (yes, that’s my workout) – only to see an interesting new invite from my Creative Director (name withheld on delay) that read the following: Smartphone Filmmaking Workshop by Barebones.

Did it catch my eye? Yes. Did it excite me? Maybe. Would I have gone all alone? Maybe not.

After a day’s deliberation, we reached a quorum of 3 and decided to give it a passionate shot. Truth be told, all three of us though it to be a complimentary affair (so Indian), but much to our surprise it wasn’t.

NO we didn’t individually pay, we were sponsored. If you’ve a raised eyebrow, make that two (new entrant!).

Okay, before we both lose each other – let’s cut to to the chase.

The venue was exquisite, calm, serene, absorbing, picturesque, huge AND far! While I don’t blame the organisers, I wholesomely blame my city dweller spirit.

Spread over the weekend, the workshop did a great job at capturing our imagination, and giving it direction. We were exposed to expert ideation, functional equipment, contemporary software and veteran experience.

While the above sentence does little justice to what we cumulatively gathered, it sums up the intrinsic experience.  But, if I had to list out what we accomplished in unison, here goes:

Idea? Check.

Logline? Check.

Script? Check.

Recce? Check.

Shoot? Check.

Dubbing? Check.

Edit? Check.

Screening? Double Check.

Do I find it tough to put my experience in words? Absolutely!

How would I describe my experience as? Legendary!

We came in amateurs, we left amateurs. But that’s the beauty of art – if you call yourself an expert, the world wouldn’t take you seriously 🙂

Leaving you with what we created over the weekend. Judge us for all you care!

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