Why is Brand Building an Important Marketing Activity?

Most people say that building a brand is a very complex task, and rightfully so. Building a brand is everything for your business. It defines what your business is and more importantly, what it stands for among your employees and customers.

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual reinvention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.”

– Sir Richard Branson

Indeed, branding is not a one time process and requires a considerable amount of time and dedication to nurture it into becoming exactly what it needs to be in today’s market. It incorporates all the core values of a business and is represented in everything from its logo and advertising messages to its employees and office interiors.


What Should Branding Do?

While many may assume that branding is all about getting itself out there into its target audience, it’s in fact so much more and provides that edge over competitors as a sole provider of a solution to an existing issue. A good brand should aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Be very clear in all its marketing and advertising.
  2. Connect with its customers on a more emotional level than ever.
  3. Build itself a sense of credibility so the brand can be trusted in the long run.
  4. Trust will eventually lead to a loyal customer base. Hence, sustenance is important.


Why is Branding So Important?

Aside from some of the reasons stated above, one must realize that we live in a very dynamic and fast paced world. If you’re heard of, the chances are that someone is going to Google you before they consider a purchase or a visit. Any further interactions will purely depend on both your brand and its reputation so far.


Branding in Marketing

While branding focuses more on the “why” marketing is more “how”. “How can a product or offering seek to benefit a customer?” The two go hand in hand because while marketing aims to solely promote something, branding aims to further reinstate that notion. So why care about branding in your marketing strategy?


  • Helps you Stand Out

Branding is all about making a name for yourself. In time, branding essentially becomes a very important aspect of your business plan because over everything else, it helps you stand apart from your competition as something different, something better. While the chances are that your products and offerings are not all that different from your competitors (markets today are overly saturated with consumers spoiled for choices), it’s your brand that really helps you stand tall and apart from the rest.


  • Marketing Builds on Credibility

Branding always look to appeal to audiences on a more emotional level. It’s a result of such endeavours that allow its customers to connect with the brand making it an irreplaceable aspect of their lives. Eventually, people fall in love with the brand, its offerings and perceive it to be successful. This leads to a great sense of trust that can define the brands buying process.


  • A Standardized Workflow

We’ve already covered how branding is an important part of any businesses workflow. What was once a simple concept of designing a name and logo, has become a far more complex process. In today’s highly competitive market, branding is an ongoing process and is no longer an optional objective. With products and services constantly being used by consumers, consistent branding is now seen as an expectation. Those who don’t properly market their brand effectively, are bound to fall behind.


  • A Better Overall Value Proposition

While branding looks to reinforce a company’s standards, marketing seeks to promote those standards on a large scale. If the brand is presented and promoted well, it would certainly round off your business as a more complete package making it more attractive while also drawing up greater potential for buyers and loyal customers. Marketing therefore, gives the brand a much greater presence not just externally, but internally as well in the minds of audiences.


We live in an era where the internet rules over everything else. Everything is more connected than it’s ever been. Such dynamism in technology forces brands to constantly evolve and for good measure. More competition leads to a better overall choices. Consumers today are more than just customers and therefore, want to connect with the brand more than ever. The unpredictability of a brand and where it wants to be positioned next only adds to its appeal. As a result, branding will always play a key role in ones marketing efforts for the years to come and will only gain more prominence. If branding hasn’t been a part of your overall marketing plan, it’s time you started considering it and fast!

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